Young people

For any training, the CACI medical certificate (see here) is mandatory.

We offer training for young divers from 8 years old.

Our qualified instructors will know how to adapt their teaching methods so that the little divers can enjoy the wonders of the underwater world.

The club is specially equipped for children’s diving for their greater comfort.

Several solutions are possible, the baptisms, the courses with the chart or the formations.

The baptism: the little diver will go with our team for half a day. After an explanation, an instructor will take care of him exclusively to make him do his subaquatic trip of about 25 minutes.

The “à la carte” course: This is to focus the session on a theme such as biology, technique, learning about the equipment etc. …. The sessions are decided after consultation between the team, the parents and the student.

Training : Bronze, silver or gold divers.

Each level requires a minimum of 3 dives for bronze, 4 dives for silver and 5 dives for gold. These courses allow young divers to progress at their own pace. They acquire knowledge of the environment, the dive and the boat through their dives. The details and contents of the training are not exhaustive and can be found on the FFESSM website.