First Dive

From 8 years old.

Departure by boat 30min to reach the marine park – half day trip includes diving, walking and snorkeling.

Diving guided by an instructor for about 20 minutes in the area of maximum 6 meters deep depending on age. The rest of the time you can snorkel.
We stay about 1h30 in the sea.

Duration : 1 half day

Price: 80€/pers in low season –
90€ in high season Package from 4 people price 85€/pers instead of 90€/pers (July/August/september)

Tarifs - Initiation - Baptême

Pack Plus-Basic Diver

From 10 years old.
Two sessions with a beginning of theoretical learning and technical gestures, as well as a dive in the sea.
1 learning session in the pool, and 1 diving session supervised by an instructor in a group of 2 to 4 people according to the instructor’s evaluation, lasting about 35 minutes in the 6 to 12 meter deep zone.
From 10 years old
No medical certificate required
At the marine park of the Cerbical Islands
Price : 150€/pers
Tarifs - Initiation - Pack plus

Pack Discover

From the age of 8 years old, it is a beginning of discovery to the various underwater activities proposed within the club.

In 3 sessions, an instructor will introduce you to the fundamental knowledge of diving or underwater activities by practicing diving exercises in a depth of 6m depending on your age.

Duration : 3 half days
Price : 250€/pers

Initiation - Pack Discover