Young people

We consider youth diving up to the age of 14. Beyond that, the youth are considered adults.


OrganizationMinimum ageNumber of divesLocationPrice
Bronze DiverFFESSM8 years old3Protected and natural environment250€ including tax
Junior Scuba DiverSSI10 years old3Protected and natural environment290€ including tax
Junior Open WaterSSI10 years old6Protected and natural environment450€ including tax


OrganizationMinimum ageNumber of divesLocationPrice
Silver DiverFFESSM10 years old4Natural and protected environment345€ including tax
Junior Advanced AdventurerSSI10 years old5Protected environment395€ including tax


OrganizationMinimum ageNumber of divesLocationPrice
Golden DiverFFESSM10 years old5Protected and protected environment395€ including tax

Price notes :

  • FFESSM license included, plastic card included, maximum depth of the training 2 to 6 meters (depending on age).
  • A medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of scuba diving specific to young divers is required for any training. It must be established by a specialized doctor: FFESSM approved doctor, or hyperbaric doctor, ENT doctor or diving doctor (but not a sports doctor).
  • Until 12 years old, the young diver can only do one dive per day.
  • We will automatically need a written authorization issued by the legal representative of the minor.
Tarifs - Jeunes