Professional training / Become an instructor

We offer pre-professional training.

The training is done in the CREPS but we have the possibility to take state trainees during the alternation phase.

There are different levels in the French system to become a pro instructor.

Professional diploma of youth and popular education and sport: BPJEPS

It is a course of almost one year that gives its holder the prerogatives of a dive guide up to 40m and a teacher in the 6m zone. The BPJEPS is autonomous in the management and supervision of free diving but cannot be in underwater diving.

It is possible to follow this training while continuing to work at the same time.

Formation pro - BPJEPS

State diploma of youth, popular education and sport: DEJEPS

The course takes more than a year and requires a 3 to 4 month internship in a company.
The holder of the DEJEPS underwater diving diploma assumes the functions of diving director, supervisor up to 60 meters (Air and Nitrox) or tutor.

The possession of this diploma attests to the following skills in the field of scuba diving with air and nitrox in natural and artificial environments and underwater hiking:

  • to conceive programs of organization, animation, initiation and improvement in underwater diving;
  • to coordinate the implementation of projects of organization, animation, initiation, improvement and development of underwater diving;
  • to ensure the technical direction of the activities on the underwater diving site;
  • to lead the animation, the initiation, the improvement in underwater diving;
  • to ensure in direct situation the tutoring of the trainees until the level III of the professional training in subaquatic diving;
  • to manage the logistic functions related to an underwater diving structure.

The training is demanding and is only done in the Centre de Ressources, d’Expertise et de Performance Sportives.

Formation pro - DEJEPS

Superior state diploma of youth, popular education and sport: DESJEPS

The DESJEPS is a level II state diploma issued by the regional director of youth and sports.

This diploma attests to the acquisition of a qualification in the exercise of a professional activity of technical expertise and management for educational purposes in the fields of physical, sports, socio-educational or cultural activities.

The holder of the DESJEPS underwater diving diploma assumes the functions of technical director, diving director, structure manager and supervisor up to 60 meters (Air and Nitrox). In addition, he carries out technical, pedagogical and environmental expertise; he organizes and coordinates training activities for trainers.

This diploma requires experience to be able to take the selection tests.

Formation pro - DESJEPS