Dive sites

The wreck: the cementier of the Pecorella

Required level: Beginner to Level 1
Depth: from 4 to 12 m.
Situation: At the exit of the gulf of Porto-Vecchio, near the beacon of the “Pecorella”.
Presentation: Wreck of a 45m long cement ship, in excellent condition.
Strong point: Wreck lovers are satisfied, one can snoop without problems in the gangways and in the holds. A lot of life around and inside…

Le cimentier de la Pecorella

The rock of the Vacca

Required level: Beginner.
Depth: From the surface to 25m.
Situation:  South of the golf of Porto-Vecchio. It is a small island without vegetation in the reserve of the “Cerbicale” islands.
Presentation: Rocky rise not far from the island of Vacca.
Strong point: Rich and shallow fauna in addition to an interesting relief.

Le rocher de la Vacca

The danger of the Vacca

Required level: Level 1 minimum
Depth: From 5 to 35m.
Situation: 1km south east of the Vacca rock
Presentation: Several rocky ascents that make up the site.
Highlight: The relief, a small cave to explore, the pelagic fauna which comes to hunt the multitude of small fishes finding refuge on the rock.

Le danger de la Vacca

The island of Forana

Required level: Beginner
Depth: From 0 to 20m.
Situation: Less than 1 mile from the coast, it is the first island of the Cerbicale islands Image 21 / dive Image 22/dive DIAPO Image 23/dive DIAPO Image 24/dive
Presentation: A beautiful island which is also an ornithological reserve. It is composed of a rocky plateau well adapted to baptisms, this plateau goes down progressively until 20m
Highlight: Ideal for baptisms, this rocky plateau will delight you with its diversity of fauna and flora. A rock that goes from 11m to 20m shelters a multitude of nudibranchs, morays and some groupers, it serves as a landmark for a school of barracuda that regularly turns around, the luckiest ones will be able to see amberjacks and tunas that sometimes come to hunt on this rock.

L'île de Forana

The arches

Required level: Level 2 or 3, (depending on the depth).
Depth: From 17 to 50 meters.
Situation: About 1 mile north of the “Toro”.
Presentation: Ascents, with rock passages.
Highlight: Several natural rocky arches in a forest of gorgonians, numerous sedentary and open water fish on the site.

Les Arches

The danger of the Toro

Required level: Level 1 or 2, (depending on the chosen itinerary).
Depth: from 3 to 15m, then 36m.
Situation: At 700m East of the islet of Toro.
Presentation: Two rocky plateaus whose heads are about 50 meters apart.
Strong point: Very clear water, very rich life, possibility of seeing big pelagics.

Le danger du Toro