NITROX training – basic

From: 195,00 TTC

For morning appointments, the reception time at the club is at 8:30 am (off season) and 8:15 am in July and August.

  • Hold a valid FFESSM license
  • Be at least 14 years old on the date of issue
  • Hold Level 1 of the FFESSM or a patent recognized as equivalent
  • Present the logbook
  • Have made a minimum of 10 dives in the 20 meter zone certified on the dive log or by mention on the passport
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By submitting this form, participants authorize the company Porto-Vecchio Plongée to fix, reproduce and communicate to the public the photographs taken during the service. You recognize to be entirely filled of your rights and you will not claim any remuneration for the exploitation of the rights aimed at the present.


The Nitrox Diver qualification is not a patent. It is obtained after training by a confirmed Nitrox instructor. Diving with perfect stabilization control conditions the rest of the training. To be qualified as a Nitrox diver, you must have done at least 2 Nitrox dives. It is validated by a confirmed Nitrox instructor who provided the training. Divers holding the Basic Nitrox Diver qualification will be able to use the most suitable Nitrox mixture with a maximum of 40% oxygen.

Nitrox divers have the same prerogatives as those defined in the part of the Sport Code, corresponding to their level of diving.

The price includes:

  • 2 technical dives with an exercise part and an exploration part
  • 1 theoretical lesson
  • the certification card
  • equipment

The certification is also valid abroad.